Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The complete Sovietization of the Democrat party

The complete Sovietization of the Democrat party

With the wholly illegal and unconstitutional FBI raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago on Monday, in search of documents they have long had access to, there can no longer be any doubt about the full communization of the American left.  

The thorough weaponization and politicization of each of our law enforcement institutions is now undeniable; the left has crossed Caesar’s Rubicon.  

The Democrats are so determined to destroy Trump, they are willing to reveal their true colors: They are all Stalinist communists now.  

They’ve just rammed through a nearly $800 billion bill that will obviously exacerbate inflation, as well as transform the IRS into a Gestapo-like agency, armed and dangerous to all Americans but for the very wealthy.  

Small businesses that survived the lockdowns will now be stamped out by the higher taxes, audits, and regulations within this destructive bill.  

The billions of green agenda requirements in the bill will force us all into energy deficits that will further devastate our already ruined economy and our quality of life.  

That is their goal, their endgame.  “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws,” as Tacitus once said.  

The globalists have captured every Democrat in Congress, every single one of them.  Chances are each and every one of them has been bought…by China.  There is not one of them who has or will put the American people before their own personal power and wealth. 

Every Democrat voted against prohibiting China from buying U.S. farmland.  Every Democrat voted against a ban on selling our strategic oil reserves to China; Biden has nearly emptied our strategic reserves.  Every Democrat voted against a bill stating ythat pregnancy is unique to biological females.  Every Democrat is on board the for the sexualization of very young children, the authorization of pornography in elementary school libraries and the pharmaceutical and surgical intervention of gender transition even for children under twelve.  Democrat-run states seek to mandate gender-identity education for young children.  Biden has made his support of gender transition abundantly clear.  They all support unrestricted abortion up to and just after birth; they are in favor of infanticide.  

Every Democrat has voted against protecting those who refuse the COVID vaccine.  They voted against stopping the government from monitoring and prosecuting the unvaccinated.  The Democrats approve of the DOJ labeling parents who attend school board meetings as domestic terrorists.  The Democrats all signed onto the entirely Clinton-fabricated Russia hoax.  In short, the American Democrat party is in favor of the destruction of any and all traditional Judeo-Christian American values.  As President Trump remarked the other day, prayer in school is banned but drag queens are de rigeur.  Our newest Supreme Court justice cannot define the word “woman” because she and her ilk insist men can become pregnant.  Our left has gone the way of Orwell’s 1984, of Arthur Koestler’s Darkness at Noon.  Our world is upside down.   

While this all began under Barack Obama, the first president to openly display his disdain for America, despite his phenomenal personal success, it escalated throughout the Trump administration among the deep state operatives determined to destroy his presidency and the already weaponized FBI, CIA, and DOJ.  

Under Biden, the criminalization of political opponents has become the order of the day.  We are officially a third-world banana republic without any legitimate leadership. With the obvious exceptions of the too few good Republicans in Congress ( Jim Jordan, Ron Johnson, Matt Gaetz, MTG, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Thomas Massie, John Kennedy, Tom Cotton), most of them are squishes, RINOs without a spine, Kevin McCarthy in particular.  

What has the Republican leadership done to stop the horrific abuse of the January 6 prisoners?  Nothing.  

They should have refused to do any government business until the prisoners were released or at least given respectable legal defense.  What has been done to those people and their families is as unforgiveable as slavery.  That any of those RINOs who voted for Trump’s impeachment, twice, is an unacceptable sign of weakness.  That these Sovietized agencies have been allowed to so misuse their power is not just wrong; it’s well and truly frightening.  We are in 1930s Nazi territory.  Every American should be very afraid of who and what the Democrat party has become.  They have morphed into a fully Stalinist regime in every way. 

Anyone who has watched the House or Senate hearings at which Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, or other representatives of the FBI and DOJ appear, knows how arrogant and disingenuous this crowd is.  They are evasive and smug.  They believe they are in the catbird seat and can do whatever they want, no matter how unconstitutional and illegal.  

But Trump scares them.  His love of America scares them and of course, his popular support among millions of Americans scares them.  He is an outsider who does not play by their corrupt establishment rules; grease their hands and they’ll grease yours..  His honesty about how the country is being run scares them.  As Peter Schweizer has exposed in several books, the most corrupt among them – Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein,  Mitch McConnell, the Clintons, etc. – care only about their own continued wealth and power.  They could not care less about the millions of middle class citizens they are about to put out of business with higher taxes and high gas prices, whom they are about to endanger with calculated food shortages, and who they will surely punish for unacceptable political views, if expressed.  They will go well beyond the censorship we’ve all endured and will penalize any forbidden opinions.

This raid on Mar-A-Lago was pure misguided theater, just as the ridiculous and equally misguided J6 committee is theater.  Thoroughly disconnected from reality, the participating Democrats seem to think all this outrageous posturing is going to change the minds of Trump supporters.  It has not and will not.  

Au Contraire.  

We all remember how much better off we were, how much better off the country was, the world was, under President Trump.  No inflation, no wars, energy independence, low unemployment for all groups.  Wages were up, taxes had been reduced.  We were all better off.  If he were still in office, Vladimir Putin would not have invaded Ukraine. China would not be surrounding Taiwan.  The border would still be closed and we would not have more than two million unvetted migrants spreading throughout the nation, wreaking havoc on cities unprepared to care for and feed them. How many among them are criminals, sex-traffickers, terrorists, violent gang members, rapists and pedophiles?  Far too many.  Many American lives will be lost to the consequences of Biden’s open border.

The leftists are exuberant at the news of the raid on Trump’s home.  

CNN and MSNBC are ecstatic, as if this will bring Trump down, once and for all.  They do not care one bit if it was legal or constitutional.  

Well, they should enjoy the moment because the Biden DOJ and FBI has catastrophically overreached this time. If the absurd COVID restrictions and mandates did not awaken a sleeping giant, this obvious ploy to destroy Trump, again, will.  

It may well shock Biden voters who did not realize he would usher in a Sovietized government.   

John Steinbeck wrote that fear corrupts, the fear of loss of power.  

The left is revealing its hapless desperation and fear of a nationalist, populist citizenry that loves their country as founded.   

The Democrat party has revealed its evil tendency toward totalitarianism.  Every American should now be well aware that there are two distinct systems of justice in this country, one for conservatives, quite another for favored leftists. The Clintons, the Pelosis and the Bidens are among the most corrupt political families in American history.  They and all of their partners have used their positions of power to enrich themselves and must be held countable for their many, many crimes against the American people. Our media is corrupt, deservedly known for their fake news in service of the far left.  “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” -Frank Herbert.  

Surprise of surprises!  Trump is the least corrupt politician in modern history.

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