Friday, April 12, 2024

Afghanistan and the regime's incompetence

EXCLUSIVEState Department STILL didn't have a full Afghanistan evacuation plan when the Taliban stormed Kabul... days before the suicide blast: Devastating new details reveal the chaos in the bungled operation 

  • The House Foreign Affairs Committee is investigating the Afghan withdrawal
  • 13 US service members died and hundreds of Americans were left behind in 2021
  • Testimony by two officials reveals how speed of Taliban advance surprised them

Hours of private testimony by two of the top State Department officials who oversaw the evacuation from Afghanistan lays bare the confusion at the heart of the operation, and how they failed to respond to warning signs that the Taliban was sweeping across the country.

The result was a chaotic operation at Kabul's airport in August 2021 with Americans scrambling to get on flights after the extremist group had seized control of the country. 

American citizens had to pass through checkpoints run by the same gunmen who had spent years battling U.S. forces.

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