Sunday, April 14, 2024

The rabid Jew haters come out to play at Berkeley

Autophagia at Berkeley

Berkeley law dean Erwin Chemerinsky has never been a favorite of mine, but I love irony, and this week he’s my avatar of people whose actions have come back to bite them. He has publicly bragged, for example, how much easier it is to avoid anti-discrimination laws in his faculty hires than it is in student admission, tacitly admitting that is what he has done and what he encourages others to do. But that seems to be of no avail to him now that he’s become a target for the Left and Jihadists acting in coalition.

One of his recent hires is Chesa Boudin, son of two terrorists Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert.  Chesa, in case you forgot, is the former San Francisco district attorney whose soft on crime policies were so extreme that San Franciscans voted to recall him, a highly unusual occurrence. (Chesa attributed this to the city’s “hard turn to the right.”) Chesa was hired to head the law school’s Criminal & Justice Center.  To Chemerinsky, “Chesa has substantial experience across the criminal justice system. He has thought deeply about the system and I cannot think of anyone better to create and direct this important center.”

I mean who better than a district attorney too far left and tolerant of criminals for even San Francisco to teach criminal justice?

This week, Chemerinsky and wife, Berkeley law professor Catherine Fisk, got an uncomfortable lesson in the perils of ceding space and voice to ill-educated, boorish, students.

They host dinners for new graduates in their backyard and at one, law student Malak Afaneh arrived wrapped in a keffiyeh with her own microphone and PA equipment. (Iowahawk posts, “Who doesn’t love it when somebody shows up at your party and turns it into Hamas Karaoke Night” and not since Radical Chic has there been a clueless progressive idiot house party this flat-out hilarious.)

She proceeded to denounce the school’s investments in Boeing, Lockheed Martin and BlackRock, saying the school was complacent in genocide.  When asked to leave by the hosts, she refused. Professor Fisk attempted to wrestle the microphone from Afaneh’s hand and the hosts asked the police to remove her for trespassing on private grounds. Chemerinsky, who is referred to often as an expert on the First Amendment, quite correctly asserts that the right to free speech doesn’t mean you can come into anyone’s backyard to make speeches. Afaneh’s response: “We have attorneys…. This is our First Amendment right. The National Lawyers Guild have informed us….” It’s an odd juxtaposition, a student attacking a dean who hired Chesa Boudin, claiming support for her conduct by the NLG, which features Chesa and his terrorist parents on their own webpage.  

Afaneh claims she was humiliated and traumatized by being asked to leave.

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