Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A lesson from history about Islamist conquest

The Silence of the Bells

Long ago, they were dystopian fantasies. To imagine a world with the night sky lit up by burning cathedrals. A world of Christians fleeing for their lives in plundered, smoking landscapes. A broken Europe suffering the same fate as Constantinople in 1453: Destruction, carnage, and enslavement. 

The Muslim invasion of Europe has already taken place. Not that the Christian heartland (i.e. unlike exposed places such as Cyprus in 1974) has been taken by military force as when Moorish and Ottoman armies advanced from opposite corners of the world, West and East, respectively. The “invasion” is rather a reference to an immigration wave completely without parallel in history — the continued and unchecked arrival of large crowds of people from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Reinforcing well-known trends of cultural impoverishment and social disintegration, which we owe to a century of self-destructive modernism and secularism, the immigration of asylum seekers and adventurers by the millions has accelerated the breakdown of Western civilization. As a result, life in the farthest corner of the Eurasian continent — the destination of migratory movements throughout the ages — is changing profoundly. 

Those, who urgently warned against the consequences of unrestrained immigration on culture and social cohesion in Europe, were at first shamed for exaggerating and running scare campaigns. Unfortunately, however, their predictions proved correct. Of course, it has never required anything like a fellowship in statistics roughly to project the demographic development. If the matter were not far too serious for self-righteous exchanges, the alleged scaremongers could have demanded redress: “We told you so!” 

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