Friday, September 25, 2009

The Global Warming Hoax

Like hedge fund managers who are down 50%, the climate doomsayers are now doubling down. This piece from the AP:

Earth's temperature is likely to jump nearly 6 degrees between now and the end of the century even if every country cuts greenhouse gas emissions as proposed, according to a United Nations update.
claims global temperature is 'likely' to jump 6 degrees, when even the much criticized IPCC report only claims about a 2 degree rise for most scenarios and a 4 degree rise in the worst scenario, and that is if we adopt all the recommended measures and return our economies back to where they were in the 18th century. I guess too many folks are beginning to see the emperor is naked so the claims for coming armegeddon have to be stepped up. As the planet continues to cool for the next decade or so, expect the rhetoric to become even more cataclysmic.

(Note: it is not clear from the article if the 6 degrees is Celsius or Fahrenheit since elsewhere they add the Celsius equivalent in parentheses.) After reading through it again, I suspect they mean Faharenheit in which case the Celsius equivalent is 3.3 degrees is still well over most recent IPCC estimates but not nearly as strained as the 6 degree claim).

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