Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Snap Judgements on Iran?

They have to be kidding me. Obama has known about the secret Iranian facility since before he was sworn in and he is saying there will be no "snap judgements"?:

The Obama administration, while skeptical of an early breakthrough in nuclear talks with Iran, indicated Tuesday it does not intend to swiftly press for stiffer economic sanctions.

In advance of six-nation talks with Iran on Thursday in Geneva, the State Department stressed its hope that the session would open the door to more in-depth dialogue about ways Iran could alleviate concerns that its emerging nuclear program may be secretly developing nuclear weapons.

If Iran is willing to address the nuclear issues, then there likely will be subsequent meetings, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said.

"That process will take some time," Crowley said. "We're not going to make a snap judgment on Thursday. We're going to see how that meeting goes, evaluate the willingness of Iran to engage on these issues."

Crowley noted that President Barack Obama has said he intends to take a few months to assess Iran's position and consult with U.S. negotiating partners before deciding what next steps to take.

So these October 1 talks are really just a prelude to the scheduling of future meetings. The Obama administration really seems to not want to make any decisions whatsoever. At the same time the clock is ticking and Iran might be able to build a bomb as soon as February according to some estimates.

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