Thursday, September 24, 2009

These enviros are hatefull, ignorant and fanatical

Environmentalists Seek to Wipe Out Plush Toilet Paper

Read the comments and you'll get a sense of the madness circulating among the environmentalists. They are ignorant about how toilet paper is made. No toilet paper is made of old growth forests. TP is made of fast growing forests that are scientifically manages (oh, the horrors of science and nature). Old growth wood is used to make houses, decks, furniture and things that are long lasting. You simply could not make TP from this wood. Marcal the oldest and probably biggest recycled TP maker. The marketing problem with this paper is two fold. First, recycled TP is never pure white and may contain small dark flecks. Secondly, the sheets are not as strong as their competitors.

Remember those old jokes about a disheveled person walking around with a sign "The end is near"? While they were once considered loons, they are now the environmental mainstream. This end of times environmentalism is no less religious fanaticism then the original sign carriers were. By declaring their obedience to the earth, nature and the failings of humankind they have met the criteria as followers of a human based religion.

Also, note the hatred aimed at those who don't share their apocalyptic views. I find many of these folk oddly deranged in a depressing way.

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