Friday, October 26, 2012

Democrat terrorism

A disturbing effort to influence the election


Attention voters! We have begun to witness locally, and at least in 14 other counties, efforts to suppress Republican votes in the upcoming election.
Suspicious letters questioning voters' legal status and citizenship began arriving in Florida over the past four days with a postmark from Seattle, Wash., accompanying a $.45 stamp. The local letter is supposedly from the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Office of Earl Lennard, and from the appropriate supervisor of elections for other recipients around the state.
Several things should strike prospective voters' attention right away: First, the elections supervisor would not use a mailing house from out of state. They would not use stamps. And all official correspondences would have the Hillsborough supervisor's seal or the seal from individual county offices.
Much has been made of efforts to suppress the vote in recent months, but this effort is most disturbing. First, it is clearly well-funded and widespread as evidenced by the sheer number of counties and individuals involved, as well as the use of stamps. Second, the effort is targeting a crucial swing state that has been at the center of recent close elections and had elections called into question in the past. Third, the research necessary to conduct such an operation and the money needed to fund the research and stamps to send these letters from Seattle to Florida are enormous.
This is not a small effort — it is, in fact, a very calculated and detailed effort needing money, knowledge, technology and a motive to influence the outcome on a grand scale.
Finally, it is important for all to understand the seriousness of voter fraud efforts. This election, like all federal elections, stands to place into power those individuals who will have the ability to direct billions of taxpayer dollars in a multitrillion-dollar budget.
Some downplay the extent voter fraud occurs, but the motivations to place into power the individuals who control the purse are tremendous. Simply consider the $800 billion stimulus that afforded those in power to pick the winners of the federal lottery.
You should not allow anything to stop you from voting legally. Bring your picture ID, voter registration card and exercise your constitutional right proudly.

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