Sunday, October 28, 2012

Leftist thugs

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa --- A former ACORN worker who turned whistleblower on corruption in that agency served as guest speaker for a event Friday in Cedar Falls, one of four around the state to address voter fraud.
Anita MonCrief is a former employee turned vocal critic of the now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, and its affiliate organization Project Vote. ACORN, created in 1970, disbanded in 2010.
MonCrief sees corruption as rampant in this country, not just in voter fraud, but across Washington, D.C.
"These people out here are trying to take our country away from us," MonCrief said.
She now works with True the Vote, a national organization working against voter fraud. The group has its roots in a Texas "tea party" organization and gained fame this year for fighting to get petitions thrown out for the Gov. Scott Walker recall in Wisconsin.
True the Vote has been recruiting poll watchers in swing states prior to the election this fall.
The Cedar Falls event, attended by about 25 people at the Lampost Theatre Company in Cedar Falls. was conducted by the Concerned Women for America of Iowa. People were asked to sign up for training as poll watchers.
Iowa does not have a law requiring voters to show identification. Such a law has been introduced, but blocked by the Iowa Senate, which is controlled by Democrats.
Conservative groups fear voter fraud could impact the election, while left-leaning groups cry foul, saying the fraud accusations are simply one means to suppress minority and elderly voters.
According to MonCrief, liberal radicals from the 1960s like Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground learned they couldn't succeed in a revolution by throwing bombs, so they looked to infiltrate the system. She said they have control of the academic world and even have set up roots in the Republican Party.
MonCrief considers herself a reformed liberal whose views are now conservative. When asked about the current state of the media and Fox News, she said Fox has swung too far left for her.
Tamara Scott, state director for the Concerned Women for America of Iowa, said Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz attended two of the Friday meetings.

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