Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Al Sharpton, Ben Crump extortion machine. Make up a narrative and profit from it.

Here We Go Again – Benjamin Crump Heads To Washington State To Represent Antonio Zambrano-Montes’ Parents…

Benjamin Crump the family legal representative from: The Martin Lee Anderson case (2006); The Trayvon Martin shooting (2012); The Kendrick Johnson case (2013); and the Mike Brown shooting (2014), is heading to Washington State to represent the family of, and financial justice for, Antonio Zambrano-Montes’ (2015).  BACKSTORY
Benjamin Crump 2 Sharpton-Jackson
Ben Crump is half of the legal team from Parks and Crump law firm. Each of the previously mentioned cases were complete fabrications of “wrongful death“.
The Martin Lee Anderson (2006) and Trayvon Martin (2012 – Zimmerman) cases actually became criminal cases due to the claims of Ben Crump and the developing ‘Scheme Team”.  However, neither case resulted in a successful criminal prosecution.
Despite the failure of the Anderson and Zimmerman cases criminally, the State of Florida, and Bay County, did pay Crump off to go away in the Anderson case (State $5 million, Bay County $2.4 million).  Likewise an insurance carrier for the Zimmerman Home Owners Association paid Crump for the same reason in 2013 ($1.6 million).
crumpcrump and johnsons
Obviously in the Ferguson, MO, Mike Brown case (ie Darren Wilson shooting), the manufactured accusations never made it to court because they were destroyed by evidence to the contrary in the Grand Jury.
The (2013 – Georgia) Kendrick Johnson case is a nothingburger – albeit maintained, yet not advancing, by the quid-pro-quo relationship between Crump, the BGI and the Federal Dept of Justice (civil rights division).
So now Daryl Parks and Benjamin Crump deploy their efforts in Washington state toward the family of Antonio Zambrano-Montes’.
PASCO, Wash. (AP) - The high-profile attorney for the family of a black teenager killed by an officer in Ferguson, Missouri, says he’s representing the parents of an unarmed Mexican man who was shot to death by police this month in Washington state.
Benjamin Crump tells The Associated Press that Antonio Zambrano-Montes’ parents worry about the fairness of an investigation into the Feb. 10 shooting.
The Florida-based Crump has represented the families of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.
Zambrano-Montes’ death has sparked calls for a federal probe. Authorities say the 35-year-old man was throwing rocks at officers.
The Franklin County coroner has ordered an inquest into the death, which is being reviewed by a regional task force and being monitored by federal authorities. An update from the regional task force is expected Thursday. (read more)
Expect to hear the familiar cry “all we want is an arrest”, within the next few weeks as Benjamin Crump works his regular routine.
The routine begins with crying parents establishing the basic foundation for a wrongful death lawsuit – by getting a criminal charge against the financial party.  In this endeavor he will target the Pasco Washington Police Department.
Social media and the Black Grievance Industry (BGI) will soon join strategy with the AME church network and the Russell Simmons cultural crowd.   This is how they will push their selected narrative into the media and keep it there until the Pasco police department cave under the mounting pressure.
Washington Police Shooting
The names and venue change, the financial grievance playbook remains the same.
And so it goes….  Wash – Rinse – Repeat.
2015’s catch phrase?….  Probably something around this “shoot me in the leg” theme.

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