Saturday, February 21, 2015

Here's proof Democrats love unrestrained totalitarian regimes even in America. Like children if they want it then the law be damned.

Democrats to Obama: Go ahead and ignore the court, 43 percent say: poll

 - The Washington Times - Friday, February 20, 2015
Nearly half of Democrats have a strong and clear message for President Obama, especially as it pertains to a recent judicial rein-in on his immigration aspirations: Go ahead and ignore the federal courts.
Rasmussen found 43 percent in the party think the president should have the authority to dismiss court rulings that he perceives as unfair blocks to issues of personal importance. Thirty-five percent of Democrats disagree.
But Republicans say hold the phone — that's not constitutional.
Of those who claim affiliation with the GOP, 81 percent say the president doesn't have that right and shouldn't. Another 67 percent claiming no particular party affiliation agree with Republicans — that the president should not be allowed to ignore the courts, Rasmussen found.
The poll comes at a time when Mr. Obama is facing a court stay on his push to legalize illegal immigrants and when his signature legislative reform, Obamacare, continues to face judicial challenge.

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