Monday, November 30, 2015

"25% of all American ISIS recruitment comes from refugees who were placed in Minneapolis Minnesota." So what is 25% of 100,000 refugees? Feel safer now? These folks ostensibly have been vetted.

U.S. Refugees and Terrorism – Minneapolis Edition…

The current discussion about potential refugees and associations with terrorism provides a backdrop for an article via CBS showing that 25% of all American ISIS recruitment comes from refugees who were placed in Minneapolis Minnesota.
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MINNEAPOLIS Via CBS — A new report by Congress says more than 250 Americans have attempted to join ISIS, and one in four of them is from Minnesota, many of them former refugees.
[…]  Currently, five Somali men from Minnesota accused of trying to join terror group ISIS are awaiting trial.  There are at least 15 other cases being investigated. (read more)
Back in 2014 we shared the story of Abdirahmaan Muhumed who was one of those Somali U.S. refugees who left the U.S. to join ISIS and was killed in Syria.   So it comes as no surprise to see the latest CBS report.
However, the absurd discussion of un-vetted Syrian refugees, and the potential terror risk, also comes only two months after discovery of a federal program to actually pay U.S. Muslim immigrants/refugees not to begin waging Jihad.
[…]  Already, the CVE pilot program has been re-branded with a new name, Building Community Resilience. Luger’s office says it captures the essence of his vision: to keep teens from Minnesota from traveling to the Middle East and blowing themselves up.
Luger says it will do so by providing $216,000 in federal funds – in addition to other local and private support – which will be disbursed to community groups through a grant-making organization.  The social services supported by the funding serve as crime prevention, he contends.  (read more)
So it would appear the Counter Violent Extremism program, paying U.S. refugees not to wage jihad, *cough* “Crime Prevention” *cough*, is not quite as effective as the administration would prefer.
Go figure.

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