Sunday, November 22, 2015

Domestic terrorism on display in Washington D.C. meant to strike fear in whites.

Marauding Teenagers Attack Woman And Baby In DC’s Poshest Neighborhood

Several black teenagers approached a woman in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington Monday, shortly after she secured her baby in her car, and smashed out her windows with a large rock.
The incident began around noon when the woman picked her daughter up from music class. She later gave a detailed first person account of what happened on a neighborhood listserv.
She had just strapped her child in the car and was looking for snacks in her diaper bag when she looked up and saw a group of teenagers rushing up on her and trying to surround her car.
According to the woman, she frantically locked and closed the car door and ran to the driver’s side and safely locked herself in the car. The door on the other side of the car was still unlocked, but she was able to hop over into the other seat and lock it as well.
“By some miracle I was able to jump into the other side of the car, again locking it behind me and evade one of the teens as he tried to get into the car,” she wrote.
As the woman tried to pull her car away from the teenagers, one of them jumped on top of the car and smashed a large rock through the car’s sun roof.
A report from Metropolitan Police Commander Melvin Gresham confirmed the story Tuesday night, saying “one of the subjects jumped on the running board of the victim’s vehicle and smashed the window of the vehicle’s sunroof with a large rock.”

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Chris W said...

Obama's sons behaving like Obama's sons.

That will never change.