Sunday, November 29, 2015

This is sure to terrify the Islamists

Men are covering their beards in glitter

The man bun isn’t the only beauty trend at the forefront of experimental grooming. Say hello to the glitter beard, a fad inciting guys to go all pre-school with their facial manes, because teeny ornaments are so last holiday season. 
Presumably, inspiration sparked when social-media team the Gay Beards, who regularly adorn their bountiful scruff with everything from flowers to Fruity Pebbles, posted a glimmering image to their popular Instagram account.
The duo later whipped up a video how-to. (Hint: beard oil, glitter).
Of course, not everyone is a fan of twinkling facial foliage. Headlines like “Glitter Beards Are Now a Thing and They Must Be Stopped” and “This New Beard Trend Is Gonna Make You Wanna Die Inside” reaffirm that for every harmless Internet whim, there are a zillion Ebenezer Scrooges.
Well, bah, humbug! We say bring on the sparkle. ’Tis the season to subvert masculine identity norms, and just think: Pounds of whisker glitter will serve to camouflage all the cookie crumbs, pasta sauce — and even poop.
Here, the best of #glitterbeards:

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