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Anti Semitism in the British Labour Party

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Ken Livingstone: How can the truth be an offence?
Ken Livingstone has said he believes the Labour should reinstate him because he first made comments about Hitler 30 years ago.
The Labour leader suspended Mr Livingstone yesterday after he invoked Hitler to defend a colleague over anti-Semitic remarks and claimed that there was a “well-orchestrated campaign” against the party by the “Israel lobby”.
He said: "How can the truth be an offence - if I had lied that would be offensive."
“Everything I said yesterday was true and I will be presenting the academic book about that to the Labour Party inquiry,” he said.
The former London Mayor was referring to a book written by the American Marxist historian Lenni Brenner, who has said he believes there was collusion between campaigners for a Jewish homeland and the Nazis.
He said the 'history' he referenced was unknown to MPs because "they don't teach it in Israeli schools".
Ken Livingstone in Westminster
Ken Livingstone in Westminster CREDIT: PAUL GROVER
Tom Watson says Labour will ‘get a grip’ on anti-Semitism
The deputy leader of the Labour party has said Labour will "get a grip" on the aniti-Semitisim rocking the Party. 
The deputy leader also suggests the party's inquiry into anti-Semitism at universities could be widened. 
"We are going to get a grip of this, and we are going to deal with it," he said.
The Labour Party launched a fresh investigation following allegations of anti-Semitism at Oxford's student Labour Club earlier this year.
The probe, headed by Labour’s former leader of the House of Lords Baroness Jan Royall, comes after the Party was handed a report by Labour Students detailing the harassment and intimidation of Jewish students.
The report is expected to be handed over in a few months. 
Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson and others on the platform listen to speakers on the first day of the Labour Party Conference
Jeremy Corbyn, Tom Watson and others on the platform listen to speakers on the first day of the Labour Party Conference CREDIT:  HEATHCLIFF O'MALLEY
Labour party leadership 'needs to get a grip'
Sadiq Khan has called for Ken Livingstone to be kicked out of Labour the Labour party annd urged Jeremy Corbyn to “get a grip” on anti-Semitism.
Speaking to The Times, he called for “zero tolerance of antisemitism”.
“My own view is that anybody with these sorts of appalling and disgusting views shouldn’t be in the Labour party,” he said.
“It’s not for me to explain what Ken Livingstone did and why he did it.
Mr Khan sought to distance himself from Mr Corbyn, adding: “It’s not for me to answer for Jeremy Corbyn, that’s for Jeremy Corbyn to answer. But we aren’t talking about one isolated incident. I think the Labour party leadership needs to get a grip.”
Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party candidate for London mayor
Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party candidate for London mayor CREDIT: CHRIS RATCLIFFE
Welsh Labour tells Jeremy Corbyn to stay away
The Labour leader has reportedly cancelled a campaign visit planned for today in Wales today, after aides to First Minister Carwyn Jones warned that his failure to tackle anti-Semitism in the party made him a liability. 
According to the Western Mail, it was agreed he would stay out of Wales ahead of next weeks local elections, after discussions between his team officials. 
A source close to the Welsh Labour election campaign said: "We've made the campaign about strong leadership and Carwyn's unique position as the only credible First Minister. 
"That's a difficult sell with Jeremy particularly after the last 24 hours."
However, the First Minister Carwyn Jones has denied he was told to stay away from Wales ahead of next week's Assembly election.
In a letter to members and supporters, Welsh Labour leader Mr Jones said: "You may have seen some reports today about Jeremy Corbyn's planned visit to Wales being cancelled. Whilst that is the case, it is not right to say there is a 'bar' on Jeremy coming to Wales."
First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones
First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones CREDIT:  STEFAN WERMUTH
Labour 'must act quicker' to deal with anti-Semitism 
The Labour leadership has been too slow to react to anti- Semitism allegations, a shadow cabinet member said  last night after Ken Livingstone was suspended from the party and accused of being a “disgusting Nazi apologist” by a Labour MP.
Appearing on last night's BBC Question Time, Andy Burham, Labour's shadow Home Secretary, said: "If I thought for one second that I was a member of an anti Semitic party I would cut up my membership card right here right now. 
"I don't believe that is the case but these allegations when they surface, are not being dealt with properly and quickly enough. They need to be dealt with much more speedily."
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaving his home in North London today
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn leaving his home in North London today CREDIT:NICK EDWARDS
The Labour MP Rachel Reeves, told BBC Newsnight: "We know we've got a growing problem of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. But also part of the problem is the slow response from the leadership of the party. We do need to see much swifter and more decisive action.
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