Friday, April 29, 2016

Drip, drip, drip...don't move and you price yourself out of the market

Tannoy announces possible closure of its Scotland loudspeaker plant

In a week where we published a glowing five-star review of Tannoy's Eclipse 3 floorstanders, Music Group has announced its intention to make around 70 Tannoy employees redundant from its Coatbridge plant in Scotland. These redundancies will mean the closure of the plant, with the production of Tannoy speakers moved to Music’s new manufacturing facility in Zhongshan, China. R&D and marketing activities will be moved to Music’s Innovation Centre in Manchester, UK.
Music Group, based in Denmark, but with offices around the world, acquired Tannoy, a name synonymous with loudspeakers and a company celebrating its 90th birthday this year, in April 2015.
The announcement was made to employees today, 29th April. Peter Sommer, senior vice-president Lifestyle & Home, said: “Following an extensive evaluation of our operational and financial structure, we have taken the difficult decision to propose that the staff in our Tannoy manufacturing and office facility in Coatbridge are dismissed as redundant, which, if confirmed would see the facility closed.”
Tannoy sales, orders and deliveries remain, we are told, unaffected.

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