Friday, April 29, 2016

Behaving like a terrorist to prove you are not one works only in the fevered brains of the left. The growth of mob intimidation is not going to end well. What's wrong with identifying Hamas supporters?

Anti-Israel Students Trap California University President to Prove They Aren’t ‘Terrorists’

Following the posting of a controversial flier at San Diego State University that listed names of anti-Israel students, alleging they had connections to terrorist groups, dozens of protesters trapped the college president in a car for about two hours.
Image source: CBS 8 screen grab
Image source: CBS 8 screen grab
The ordeal began on the third floor of the Student Union, where students knew president Elliott Hirshman would be, according to CBS 8. From there, the protesters followed him down the stairs and out the door, when he ended up huddled inside a police car for more than one hour.

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