Thursday, August 4, 2016

CNN: Snowflakes with penis envy

This is CNN: Trump called ‘loud mouth dick’ live on air

Strategist Liz Mair later gloats on Twitter over outburst

It’s every producer’s nightmare: that great guest you’ve booked, the one who tells it like it is, goes way too far and uses obscene language on-air.
That’s what happened earlier this evening when strategist Liz Mair called Donald Trump a “loud mouth dick” live on CNN. In the clips below, watch as Anderson Cooper tries to pretend he didn’t hear it and moves forward with the interview as though nothing had occurred. It’s exactly what a broadcaster should do in this situation.
Mair seemed so pleased with herself that she even took to Twitter shortly thereafter for her victory lap, using a #sorrynotsorry hashtag (see below).
Mair was previously known for resigning from Scott Walker’s unsuccessful presidential campaign after just one day on the job.
How soon can Mair expect to be booked for an encore? Most likely, never. Who would take the risk?

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