Sunday, September 18, 2016

MSNBC is a beehive of historical ignorance as proven by this show host. Reality is an inconvenient truth to these folks.

Joy Reid: Not True That Republicans Passed Civil Rights for African-Americans That Democrats Opposed

Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid disagreed with chairman of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida Sean P. Jackson when he said that if it was not for Republicans, African-Americans would still be enslaved.
“Sean, Abraham Lincoln is long dead. Let’s talk about the current Republican nominee,” Reid said. “I think the reason African-Americans have civil rights is because African-Americans fought for them.”
“Republicans are the ones that passed it when Democrats continually turned it down,” Jackson replied.
“No, that’s not true, either,” Reid interrupted.

Someone should tell her that Robert Byrd Democrat. (formerly KKK Klegal,), and Hillary Clinton mentor let the filibuster against the 1964 Rights Act.

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