Thursday, September 15, 2016

The double standard: Why isn't the FEC investigating Univision and Jorge Ramos for political contribution? However, they are ver interested in your political contributions.

Univision Anchor’s Electioneering Sparks 'Ramos Must Go' Drive

In reaction to Univision chief news anchor Jorge Ramos’ repeated statements in the media opposing the election of Donald Trump, an effort is underway to both highlight Ramos’ compromised coverage of the election, as well as bring pressure to bear on Univision to remove Ramos from the network’s news anchor desk between now and Election Day.
The Media Research Center (MRC)-led campaign, titled Ramos Must Go! includes both grasstops and grassroots components. At the grasstops level, the MRC announced that over 15 respected Latino community figures in public policy and journalism have issued a joint “Call for Corrective Action at Univision.”
The statement faults Ramos for crossing “a significant line in his coverage” of the presidential campaign by his decision to break with established journalistic election coverage norms and openly oppose the election of Trump.
“The issue created by Ramos’ action as Univision’s lead news anchor has nothing to do with the relative merits of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate,” say the statement’s signers. When it comes to elections, the group of Latino leaders holds that “journalists have a responsibility to report on them with as much impartiality, independence and fairness as they can possibly muster…it is certainly not the job of journalists to tell citizens either who to vote against or who to vote for.”
The signers go on to invoke “the interests of both Univision’s audience and the capacity of the network itself to serve as an impartial and credible source of news” in calling on Univision to remove Ramos from his duties as the network's nightly news anchor until after Election Day.
The statement’s initial signers include:
Richard Aguilar, Publisher, Latino American Today
Bertica Cabrera Morris, Former Administrator, Orange County, Florida Public Schools
Adolfo Castaneda, Director of Hispanic Education, Human Life International
Sergio de la Peña, Ret. Col., U.S. Army and political analyst
A.J. Delgado, Conservative commentator, columnist, attorney
Mario Díaz, General Counsel, Concerned Women for America
Rey Flores, Grassroots Programs Coordinator, The Leadership Institute
Irene García, Editor, Judicial Watch
J.D. Gordon, Executive Director, Protect America Today
Luis Hernández, Former News Director, Noticias Mundo Fox
Maricruz MaGowan, Former Vice President, National Economists Club
Ken Oliver-Méndez, Director, MRC Latino
Yuri Pérez, Latin American analyst, Freedom House
Miguel Prado, Former Candidate for Congress in New York
Genaro Pedroarias, Environmental Policy Expert
Gus Portela, Executive Director, College Republican National Committee
Camille Solberg, Former Federal Drug Free Communities Commissioner
In addition to the grasstops petition, the website includes an online grassroots petition page where the public can register their agreement that “Ramos has rendered himself incapable of serving as a credible, impartial news anchor for Univision’s millions of viewers.” The grassroots effort also includes a phone-in campaign to Univision President Randy Falco, to tell him that “Ramos must go!”
The website also features a video in which MRC President Brent Bozell issues an as yet unanswered challenge to Ramos to a debate about the “role of journalists in a free society.” “His abuse of journalism is flat out indefensible,” Bozell says in the video.  Previously, Bozell stated “If Jorge Ramos has any sense left of professional integrity, he should tender his resignation and pursue his new passion, as an anti-Trump, pro-Clinton political activist.”
Ramos recently called the prospect of Trump’s election “a bad dream” and has unequivocally declared that “America is facing a serious threat in Trump.” He also called the first general election television ad of the Republican presidential candidate a “xenophobic and anti-immigrant ad.”

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