Friday, October 7, 2016

A truly tragic story

NYPD raises money for abused 6-year-old’s funeral

Little Zymere Perkins will be given a proper wake and funeral.
Broken hearted NYPD detectives – who worked on the tragic case of the battered 6-year-old Harlem boy – helped raise over $9,000 to lay him to rest.
“It was the least we could do. The poor kid went through hell,” one told The Post.
Perkins was killed Sept. 26, allegedly at the hands of his mother’s boyfriend. The Administration for Children’s Services had investigated the West 135th Street apartment several times and admits it failed to act despite five prior reports of abuse.
The wake will be held Friday at 4 pm at the Church of the Open Door in Brooklyn, followed by a funeral at 7 pm at the Lawrence H. Woodward Funeral Home.
Meanwhile, Perkin’s mother claimed the boy would still be alive – and she wouldn’t be wearing a beige prison jumpsuit at Riker’s Island co-charged with endangering the welfare of a child – if she had known how to leave her abusive boyfriend.
Geraldine Perkins, 26, said she met Rysheim Smith, 42, at a homeless shelter in 2015 and agreed to shack up with him because he promised to look after the single mother and her son.
“I wish I would’ve known,” Perkins told in a jailhouse interview.
“I didn’t know how to leave. Until you walk a mile in my shoes, you have no right to judge me.”
Perkins recalled how Smith “snapped” on Sept. 26 after Zymere defecated in a bucket.
Smith beat the boy with a broom, and then hung him from the bathroom door by his tank top and yelled at her to “watch TV and read the bible,” she said.
She said she eventually asked to take the boy down and she put him to bed, thinking he was asleep. Hours later, the “limp” body was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
Perkins appeared dismissive of reports Zymere had been abused long before she met Smith.
She said reports ACS has kept a file on Zymere since she gave birth – and traces of marijuana were found in her system – were “unsubstantiated.”

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