However, I note that Ms. Phillips neither names any of the quoted AT writers or titles, nor even provides links to the cited articles. Proper citations are not merely a matter of ethics -- although they are that too. They also strengthen your own position, particularly when citing an author on the other side of an issue. If you are not prepared to direct your readers to the full argument you are criticizing, but merely cherry-pick isolated sentences or phrases out of context, then you actually weaken your case, by leaving the thoughtful reader wondering why you didn't give him the information needed to examine the opposing argument for himself.
In sum, Ms. Phillips argues that a socialized hospital has nothing to do with the government; that loving parents, because they love their child, are disqualified from assuming moral responsibility for his well-being; and that in important matters of life, death, suffering, and the welfare of a child, government agents should have ultimate, coercive decision-making authority merely by default.
I note that Melanie Phillips is generally regarded as a critic of left-wing political ideas. That is quite significant. "Conservative" as she may be on other matters, when it comes to socialized health care and the absolute right of the all-knowing State and its experts to trump the wishes, rights, and lives of private citizens, she is all in with the progressives. There is an important lesson in this, one which I, born and raised in a socialized medical world, have been trying to explain for years.
Socialized medicine changes a society completely, by fundamentally altering the relationship between the individual and the government. When everyone's physical survival, everyone's hope for necessary medical care in a crisis, depends not on a relationship between patients and doctors -- private citizens seeking or offering a vital service -- but rather between patients and government -- the ruled and the rulers -- the premises of collectivist submission and State omnipotence are deeply insinuated into everyone's soul.
That is why progressives have always regarded socialized health care as one of the crown jewels of authoritarian control. Once a society has been palliated -- pun intended -- with such a system for a few generations, even nominal conservatives like Ms. Phillips find themselves genuinely mystified how anyone could imagine that a State-run hospital outright denying parents any authority over their child's care, and being supported in this baby-theft by court decisions coercively barring the parents from taking their own child out of the State's death chamber, has anything at all to do with government. I mean, that's just honorable health care workers doing the Lord's work, right?
Socialized medicine kills many things, including rational thought.
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