Saturday, August 12, 2017

What Does Planned Parenthood Do, Exactly, That Deserves Federal Funding?

Cecile Richards
Planned Parenthood is raking in the bucks. For real. They make a ton of money. Yet they get over $500 million from the federal government every year... for what? They're getting smarter and won't tell you what things cost over the phone (I tried but was told I'd have to come in for a visit to get their price list). However, the Planned Parenthood in Kentucky hasn't taken their price list offline as of today. Whenever Planned Parenthood is in the press they opine endlessly about the good they do for women. It's all about the women and the services they offer, as if the services are free. They do cancer screenings (i.e. pap smears and manual breast exams — not mammograms), STI screenings, pregnancy tests, etc., all of which you could get at any health clinic in America that doesn't also sell baby butchering. Here is what it would cost to get a "cancer screening" at the Planned Parenthood in Kentucky: The well-woman visit starts at $75-$85 just for the office visit. Add to that the pap smear lab tests and STI tests, pregnancy test, chlamydia test, hepatitis test and "other" STI tests and you're looking at a minimum of $210 with the addendum that "other office fees may apply." This does not include birth control. If you want that, it will run from $19 up to $900 depending on which method you want.
Price List for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and KentuckyImage via Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky
Price List for Planned Parenthood of Indiana and KentuckyImage via Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky
Abortions are the major money maker. The price of destroying life starts at $500 and goes up from there. What at Planned Parenthood is free for anyone? It doesn't appear to be much of anything. (According to the girl on the phone, she said they use a sliding scale to determine what you free.) In all the literature, tax returns, and multitudinous articles I researched I could find no evidence of Planned Parenthood giving away its services on the behalf of poor women. So what are they doing with that 500 million tax dollars? It appears that they are using some of it to launch "education" programs to teach your preschoolers that their genitals don't determine their gender. Or using sex toy experts to teach prepubescent children about sex in high schools. Is this something we need to subsidize with taxes? Are all the bridges safe? Are all the roads pothole free? It just seems awfully economically unsound (not to mention stupid) to spend this kind of money on the unscientific indoctrination of America's youth. It's also worth noting that the type of "sex education" Planned Parenthood is offering only encourages sexual activity which will lead to more unwanted pregnancies which will, in turn, increase their abortion business. Isn't this a conflict of interest?

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