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The reason Google is useless for conservative searches.

The reason Google is useless for conservative searches

How many AT readers have found that they can no longer do a useful Google search on any news topic?  The only hits that come up are liberal.  Even the Wall Street Journal does not make it, although minor liberal papers like the Christian Science Monitor do.  To find interesting commentary and reporting I trust, I have to go to my list of favorite websites and search on their pages. 
Following the firing this week of a valued employee for the thoughtcrime of questioning gender quotas, Breitbart is running a series called "Rebels of Google."  Whistleblower employees are exposing the purposeful censorship by Google – not only of free thought within the company, but on the internet. 
Political intimidation within the company is a daily barrage of SJW postings mixed in with company business, so they cannot be deleted or ignored.  Those who answer back are threatened, sent to H.R. for indoctrination and thought-policing, fired, and also blacklisted. 
Here is what it is like to work at Google:
[P]osts made internally by people who are very clearly proselytizing what amounts to religious dogma (of the social justice variety), and of course no one dares contradict it, because everybody knows it's a quick trip to H.R. if you dare say anything against the antisocial order.
Or sometimes you get punched. I know at least one engineer did get punched in retaliation for something he posted – I am sure he will corroborate this to you directly.
Many Google engineers who could not cope with the constant hostility and the reminders that "you are not one of us" have left the company. ...
I remember Kim Burchett (high-ranking manager with a lot of reports) posting about how she's "considering creating a list of people who make diversity difficult". ... commentary she posted on promotion committees, where she literally boos men and white people. ...
I want to stress to you that these G+ posts, while "in principle" avoidable, are – along with mailing lists – the standard way in which people communicate to each other values, principles, and sometimes work items too. So, in order to perform your duties, you *must* be exposed to at least *some* of it. Which means in practice you cannot avoid people writing odious things about you or your political ideas, and (given the climate) you are not at liberty to reply to these people, because you'd be disciplined or fired. My understanding of California labor laws leads me to believe that has legal significance.
The Breitbart interviewer, Allum Bokhari, asked if the reports were true that Google employees in the advertising department encouraged customers to pull ads from Breitbart and The Rebel Media.
A number of friends have privately confirmed this to me. I know there are efforts to demote anything non-PC, anti-Communist and anti-Islamic terror from search results. ... If you remember the YouTube "heroes" program, as well as the wave of demonetizations and age restrictions that hit popular anti-PC YouTubers (all of whom ended up having to move to Patreon), I think that speaks for itself. Now we have the owner of the well-known JihadWatch site, complaining that his ranking in Google Search has dropped enormously. These are all facts that can be verified by any third-party, so it's not a matter of "he said she said".

 Bokhari's next question was chilling:
YouTube is going to artificially promote progressive content, and manipulate search results using the "Jigsaw Redirect Method" to minimize the reach of potentially problematic videos, in addition to other new censorship techniques.  For users of Google and its related services, is political censorship about to become the norm? How much of this is the result of internal pressure (from politicized employees) and how much of it is external (governments, advertisers)?
The answer?
[M]any people are leaving Google. And many of these ex-Googlers are people who were tired of having to cope with these corrupt ideologies and the people who proselytize them, support them, and punish people who disagree with them.
That means Google is leaking people with integrity. Let's ask ourselves: who remains in charge, after that slow but certain evaporative cooling of beliefs? You do the math.
Unless the culture changes, I am afraid the answer to your question is: only a matter of time.
Bokhari asks if Google will listen to user outrage about P.C. censorship.  The whistleblower's reply:
Google is quite good at listening to both their users and their customers, with one exception: when what the users want is at odds with ideological dogmas widely held at Google. In that case, users don't count. No one does.

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