Sunday, October 6, 2019

Parody, satire or earnest it should be alongside the definition of smug

Bolt Vote

Since your editorial page is now a vehicle for advertising (for Budweiser beer of all things!), I'd like to contribute an advertisement for a product I love: the Chevy Bolt.
I don't know why everyone isn't driving this car. It's all-electric and it gets 250 miles to a charge (there's a 300 mile club, but we haven't tried that yet). OK, if you're a long-distance commuter without a place to plug it in at the end of your commute, perhaps this isn't the car for you. But for everyone else this car rocks!
Every time I drive my safety-green Bolt I feel smug and self righteous about not contributing to greenhouse gases and global warming. OK, I know that our individual choices will not by themselves change the world, but if everyone drove electric cars we might make a dent.
You never have to breathe exhaust fumes or go to a gas station again! And it's fun to drive, with lots of pep. We leased our Bolt from the local Chevy dealer with a rebate from Sonoma Clean Power (that rebate is over but there may be others).
I don't often watch TV, but when I do the car ads are still promoting big, gas-guzzling trucks to macho men. WTF! Guys, you can still feel powerful driving the Bolt even if your penis is small. Powerful, smug and self righteous.

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