Monday, October 26, 2009

Do you agree?

Obama Taking Us On Path To Fascism

A couple of commenter's on Lucianne make it plain:
"Fascism is a political regime ideologically based on 1) Strong, highly-centralized government; 2) Government control of business; 3) Repression of criticism or opposition; 4) Leader cult; and 5) Exalting the State above individual liberties. Fascism originally only applied to Benito Mussolini's Italy. Look at archival tapes of Il Duce and tell me you don't see the same uplifted jaw and imperious mien on view today 24/7."
"I know that it's considered a political heresy to quote Adolph Hitler, but I believe that this observation concerning his Version of National Socialism (another name for FASCISM) is true and implies the awful evil involved, which is Man worshiping Himself. That species of idolatry legitimatizes the inevitable enormities that follow for too many lazy minds seduced by a gimcrack grandeur."Our socialism reaches much deeper. It does not change the external order of things, it orders solely the relationship mof man to the state....Then what does property and income count for? Why should we need to socialize the banks and the factories? We are socializing the people."Adolf HitlerQuoted in:HITLER'S REVOLUTION OF DESTRUCTIONby Hermann RauschningLondon 1939The State becomes the Party's Tool Executing the Party's Policy, while the Party exerts Control over the Processs involved. The Party itself is the Creation and WILL of the LEADER, who protects the people from the malevolent "Enemy". "

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