Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Almost Speechless

We have officially tipped the scale and have become Greece. It is unfathomable to me that one of the worst presidents in US history with a horrible record can get re-elected. The number of people dependent on government, willing to give up independence and freedom in exchange for the false security of the government teat has obviously passed the tipping point. We will become a nation like Greece where government connections are more important than ingenuity or hard work in determining success.

I have said previously that a Romney win would've only slowed down the statist decline path we are currently on, but with the re-election of Obama it will be a full-speed-ahead Thelma and Louise plunge over the cliff's edge. And for all the government takers, the road will be even worse, because the money will run out, and like Greece, the payments you thought you could depend on for life will be cut or gone and you will be left with no skills to survive on your own.

Sorry to sound so apocalyptic, but I see no other path upwards excepting some major technological breakthrough (cold fusion, Kurzeilian super-intelligent machines, nano-technology, etc...)

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