Activists in Dallas, Texas, are demanding that an area police officer be reprimanded,after they claim he used excessive force to stop a fight at a local high school.
Officer Kevin Garbacik of the Sherman Police Department, which is north of Dallas, recently broke up a fight between two girls at Sherman High School. But activists say his actions were a “brutal assualt,” resulting in one of the girls involved, 15-year-old Shatayvian Nelson, having a “severe concussion.”
Image source: KXII-TV/screenshot
Image source: KXII-TV/screenshot
“We are here today requesting that the Sherman police officer not just be disciplined but be fired for the brutal assault that he did on a young high school student,” the Rev. Ronald Wright of Justice Seeking Texas said Thursday, “and that the school also be held accountable because this young lady was never given the medical attention that she needed because of that severe concussion.”
According to KXII-TV, a video of the fight that recently surfaced shows a school administrator trying to break up the fight. When that adminstrator’s efforts proved unsuccessful, Garbacik stepped in.
Wright and the girl’s family claim that instead of slamming Nelson to the floor, the officer could have handled the situation differently.
“Anyway, anybody who looks at that video and disagrees with what we’re saying,” Wright asked, “what would you say if your daughter that was slammed to the ground?”
However, others in the community believe the girl got what she deserved.
“If my child was doing something of that nature, sorry honey, you brought that on yourself, and now we have to pay the consequences for that,” community member Joshua Poormohammadi said. “There’s always different ways to approach things, but ultimately when you get in the line of fire, and the heat is on, you react.”
“They weren’t little girls,” he added. “Everybody’s saying, ‘These are teenagers. These are little girls.’ If you’re going to fight like that, you have to pay the consequences.”
While there is disagreement on both sides, Nelson’s mother says she is not backing down until “justice is served.”
It is not immediately clear if Garbacik will be punished for his actions.

In another similar case in Fremont California a 17 year old male was taken to the floor by a school policeman because he wouldn't obey the order to stay in the Principal's office. It was all over the Bay area news as excessive use of force. However, the story is this. He was stopped in the halls for behaving erratically and sent to the Principal's office for evaluation where he was suspected of being under the influence of drugs. When they wouldn't let him leave he tried to push past the staff. That's when an officer took him to the floor. As it turns out he had cocaine in his system. 
If they let him leave they would be held responsible for any harm that came to himafterwards. His mother was upset he was restrained but said nothing about his cocaine use. We are dealing here with a lack of impulse control and the defense of bad social behavior. It is excused by the race hustlers and  thereby creates a sense of entitlement to violence. 
Bloody tribalism.