President Barack Obama became president because the millennial generation showed up for him in the 2008 primaries and twice in the general election. But since Obama stepped into the Oval Office he left this generation in the dust.
Millennials suffer from double digit unemployment, 50 percent underemployment, unsustainable student loan debt, and have less than $1,000 in savings. In fact, the Youth Misery Index is the highest in recorded history. Obama fought hard to handle social issues during his presidency, which millennials care a lot about, but he has consistently sold them down the river when it comes to the all important economic issues.
Graduates of the University of Alabama's class of 2011. The economic downturn has hit recent college grads hard. New data show only half of those who graduated from 2006 to 2011 are working full time.
Graduates of the University of Alabama’s class of 2011. The economic downturn has hit recent college grads hard. New data show only half of those who graduated from 2006 to 2011 are working full time.
During the 2015 holiday season Obama decided to quietly create a new regulation, funded by Republicans in the Speaker Paul Ryan budget deal, to allow a huge expansion, by about 5 million a year, in the number of foreign college graduate work visas.
This is an absolute outrage!
Millennials are facing the worst economy since the Great Depression with many road blocks put up by economically devastating Democratic policies. This new executive overstep to give countless work permits, otherwise known as H-1B visas or green cards, to foreign college graduates is a slap in the face to the generation that is drowning economically.
New U.S. college graduates typically enter the job market with entry-level jobs to gain experience then move up the corporate ladder as they become more competent. The 5 million foreign graduates Obama wants to pump into the U.S. workforce will take these entry level jobs from American loan-strapped college graduates creating an even more traumatic student loan crisis.
And, once these foreign college graduates start to buy homes and start families they will seek pay raises through moving to mid-level jobs and, thus, will start to replace established American professionals.
The new policy also creates a large economic incentive for U.S. employers to hire foreign college-grads instead of new American college graduates since it is much cheaper to higher foreign applicants. Employers are able to pay very low salaries to these foreign college graduates because it comes with a promise of citizenship but American graduates already have citizenship so there is no incentive for them to take lower wages.
This is a huge disadvantage on American graduates because they need higher salaries to pay off their expensive student loan debt.
Current U.S. college graduates are the most unemployed and underemployed in history. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of college graduates will rise by 19 million by 2020 and during that same time the number of college degree worthy jobs will only rise by 7 million.
The U.S. is already on it’s head when it comes to the supply and demand of college graduates in a stagnant economy and can, simply, not afford to add more supply to the market.
Democrats have consistently made illegal immigrants and foreign nationals the priority over Americans and 2016 is a chance for American, especially, young Americans, to replace them with leaders that have their best interests at heart.