Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brexit: "And he drew laughs as he quipped: “We are passengers locked in the back of a mini-cab with a wonky sat nav driven by a driver who doesn’t have perfect command of English and going in a direction, frankly, we don’t want to go" (Boris Johnson).

WATCH: Roaring Boris BURIES pro-EU camp and sets out vision for 'glorious' British future

BORIS Johnson tonight buried the dreary and passionless doom-mongering of the pro-Brussels camp as he countered their endless negativity with a soaring vision for Britain's "glorious" free future.

The roaring Mayor of London dismissed David Cameron’s “depressing” campaign and laid out how the UK will thrive free from the shackles of constant EU interference. 
In an upbeat speech which marked a stark contrast from the Remain camp’s constant moaning and scaremongering, the Tory big hitter thundered: “They say ‘it’s crap but we have no alternative’ .Well folks, we do have an alternative and it’s a glorious alternative.” 
Mr Johnson was frequently interrupted by spontaneous applause as he delivered a stunning speech setting out the positive case for Britain leaving the Brussels project. 
He laid out a soaring vision for a new Europe typified by freedom, democracy

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