Sunday, September 18, 2016

EU chief blames Merkel for migrant crisis. The EU is not blameless. Merkel and Obama/Hillary, Blair and the progressive left all have a hand in this humanitarian disaster.

YOU'VE CAUSED CHAOS! EU chief blames Angela Merkel for migrant crisis and ISIS attacks

EUROPEAN Union (EU) bosses have blamed Angela Merkel and her open-door policy for the migrant crisis and Islamic State (ISIS) terror attacks on the continent. 

Hillary/Obama policies in Libya turned that place into a Mad Max scenario. They have accomplished the same in Syria. I think it was intentional as revolutionaries thrive on chaos. It permits them to more easily seek goals that would otherwise be to apparent to succeed.

All those on the left who assail G.W. Bush for Iraq are completely silent about Libya and Syria. For these countries they're all concerned about the population suffering but if you use the same argument about Iraq they say Bush lied.

Let's not forget to indict the UN for its self serving policies. The more chaos the greater the number of free lunch meetings.

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