Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary supporters protest at Trump rally: All totalitarians and illegals

1 arrested during Trump's visit in Houston

Protesters included members of the Houston Communist PartyHouston Socialist Movement, Latinos Inmigrantes TriunfadoresStudents for Democratic SocietyCentro Recursos Centroamericanos and Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Yesterday a Mexican activist named Tony Yapias, who hates Trump and "protests" because Trump said some Mexicans were rapists , was arrested for....wait for it....RAPE!... RAPE! You can google it!

Weirdly ironic, eh? But wait, it gets better. The woman he raped was an illegal! She came forward even though he threatened to expose her illegality!

So a Mexican activist who hates what Trump says about Mexican rapists is arrested for Raping an illegal! See who they are?

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