Monday, October 10, 2016

Paul Ryan is a perfect example of the Washington establishment that led to Trump. Sabotaging Trump will kill what's left of the Republican Party. They are big government.

Paul Ryan will no longer campaign with Donald Trump

Speaker Paul Ryan told House Republicans Monday that he won’t campaign with, or defend, Donald Trump and he urged his members to “do what’s best for you” in the presidential race.
In a stinging rebuke to his party’s presidential nominee, the nation’s top elected Republican told fellow GOP members in a conference call that protecting the party’s House majority must be their priority going forward, multiple news agencies reported.
Ryan said he “won’t defend Trump” or otherwise campaign for him between now and Election Day, according to Politico.
He told Republicans in Congress to “do what’s best for you,” according to CNN.
The Hill parsed it out further, reporting that Ryan won’t technically rescind his endorsement of Trump – but won’t campaign for him either.
Trump has been under heavy fire since Friday when tapes of a 2005 chat showed him making crass comments about women.

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