Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For the Left democracy is a one way street.

‘Not my president’: Protests erupt after Trump victory

Alvarado told campus the Daily Californian.
A Trump pinata was set on fire in a dumpster on Westwood Boulevard, just off the UCLA campus.
“Of course I joined in [the protest],” 19-year-old protester N.J. Omorogieva told the LA Times, calling herself
“heartbroken” over the results, “to give hugs to people who were overcome by devastation.”
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Students chant as they demonstrate at San Francisco State University following Trump’s presidential win.Photo: Reuters
UCLA law student Sarah Cho struggled to comprehend Trump’s win – even while telling herself in recent weeks it was “always a possibility.”
“Cognitively, I knew Trump winning was always a possibility, but I never thought it would actually happen,” she told campus newspaper the Daily Bruin.
About 200 protesters commandeered Highway 24, a main expressway that connects ritzy East Bay suburbs to Oakland and San Francisco, at 12:10 a.m. local time, police said.
A 20-year-old woman was seriously injured when she was struck by an SUV on Highway 24, which was closed for an hour due to protests.
“All I could think of is this is somebody’s daughter — and the fact that it came from this action on the freeway,” a woman in that SUV told the San Francisco Chronicle. “I just want everybody to be okay. We need to stick together at a time like this.”
The driver of the Honda Element pulled over and cooperated with police, as protesters vandalized the SUV, KNTV reported.
Dumpsters were set on fire up and down Broadway in downtown Oakland, forcing the Bay Area Rapid Transit to shut down train service at its 12th Street Station.
UCSB students clogged the streets of Isla Vista shouting “F-ck Donald Trump” and “not my president!” campus newspaper The Daily Nexus reported.
In Portland, students from Portland State and other demonstrators marched through streets and blocked traffic on Interstate 5 and at least two light rail lines.
“That’s not my president!’ others screamed, according to KGW-TV.

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