Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lena Dunham admits she's dumber then a rock

Anguished by Trump, Lena Dunham Flees to Posh Arizona Resort, Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’

By Andrew Stiles
Woke celeb Lena Dunham sought solace in the Arizona wilderness this week as she works to overcome her post-election anxiety. She posted of photo on Instagram that shows her hiking in a fashionable sports bra and flashing a “true smile” while hiking in exclusive Sedona, Ariz., on Monday.
Sedona is home to a number of facilities offering “spiritual retreats,” “vision quests,” and other forms of “emotional healing” adventures. In a note accompanying her Instagram post, Dunham expressed love for her fans and described how she had “whispered some wishes for you into the big red rock” after asking “the Canyon for some guidance.”
Dunham’s spirit quest mirrors a plot line in the most recent season of her HBO show, “Girls”, in which her character Hannah goes on a new age retreat in the wilderness, walks around in a sports bra, and has a lesbian sexual encounter with a resort staffer.
In real life, Dunham has expressed her anguish at Donald Trump’s upset victory over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. The celeb recently said she was “terrified” that a “predator will soon be residing in the White House,” and described the sad scene at the Hillary Clinton “victory” party on election night.After initially pledging to move to Canada if Trump won, Dunham and other celebrities flip-flopped, and decided to stay in America.
Dunham has expressed controversial beliefs in the past, for example, when she suggested that serving sushi in a university dining hall was an example of “cultural appropriation.”

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