Thursday, March 30, 2017

Exposing the collusion between the Democrats and the intelligence commubnity to influence the election by nefarious means.

Updates – Who Is Evelyn Farkas and Why Did She Spill The Beans on Obama’s Secret Surveillance Operation?…

Well, put this in the ‘going-back-to-timelines-sometimes-pays-dividends’ column.
For the past 72 hours we have been assembling the Obama Surveillance Story timeline from October 1st 2016 through March 22nd 2017.  [The project is ongoing]
As a result, last night (Tuesday) we highlighted a March 2nd, 2017 revelation of Obama’s former Deputy of Defense Evelyn Farkas appearance on MSNBC that no-one was paying attention to. –SEE HERE–  Thanks to social and non-traditional media, today (Wednesday) Ms. Farkas has finally caught the attention of MSM and DC politicians.
Fox News has run two stories:
  • FIRST – Former Obama official discloses rush to get intelligence on Trump. (link)
  • SECOND – Who is Obama administration official who spilled beans?  (link)
Sean Hannity ran the story on his RADIO Program –HERE– and also led his nightly news program with the dramatic revelations:
Additionally, Jay Sekulow outlines the legal ramifications for the Obama administration and Mrs. Evelyn Farkas.
In addition, RADIO host Mark “Old Yeller” Levin also drew attention to Mrs. Farkas and discussed the “smoking gun” content.
Cary Katz also published the Evelyn Farkas story in Levin’s media outlet Conservative Review – SEE HERE 
Sean Hannity Discussed on Radio:
And Rich Zeoli discussed on his Philadelphia broadcast radio program.

Time and again the old research axiom rings true.

Stick with the timelines.  If you get stuck, go back to the timeline.  Always go to the timelines. It’s the timelines that trip up the deceivers and the timelines that deliver the truth.

This approach has allowed us to crowdsource and reveal some of the most interesting hidden stories over the past five years.  Thanks to everyone who pushed the truth and Evelyn Farkas story into the MSM bloodstream.  You make a difference.
Remember, it’s not important who gets the attribution for any story.  The important goal is to reveal the truth.
The truth has no agenda.  You’re worth it!

Isn't it odd that someone who advised Obama on Russia does not speak Russian?
She speaks English, Hungarian, and German as well as some FrenchSpanish, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, and Hindi.

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