Friday, April 7, 2017

Stephen Green explains the political advantages the Democrats have:

Sorry I'm late getting back to your question about "who's to blame for this health care debacle?"
It's totally the GOP's fault -- but not for the obvious reason.
Democrats enjoy a structural advantage when it comes to passing major legislation. Let me show you their unofficial checklist:
• Is it constitutional?
Don't care!
• Will it do what we promised?
Don't care!
• Will it actually do the exact opposite of what we promised?
Don't care!
• Can we afford it?
Don't care!
• Is it designed to fail?
Don't care!
• Does it concentrate more money and power in Washington?
Yes! So let's put some lipstick on that pig and start making out like teenagers!
The important thing is to get the money and the power to Washington -- they can sort out later which interest groups get the biggest spoils, but first they've got to get those spoils.
The GOP on the other hand is torn between congresscritters who care about all those questions, congresscritters who pretend to care about those questions, and congresscritters who are really just Democrats but with "conservative" interest groups they want to deliver the spoils to.
Democrats just need to do something. Republicans need to do the right thing -- but there's very little constituency for that these days.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go make myself a Bloody Mary the size of a grain barge.

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