Monday, May 29, 2017

A welcome change from the Pajama Boy past, Rex Tillerson rides with Rolling Thunder

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rides With Rolling Thunder (Video)…

OK, there were a lot of requests for a picture of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson riding his motorcycle in the Rolling Thunder Memorial Day tribute. Yesterday we shared the videofrom the rally location just prior to the Noon start of the kickoff ride.
However, T-Rex didn’t want to create a stir or draw attention away from the purpose of the event – so he was his customary self, low key.  That said, after pouring through video footage I FOUND HIM.
The video is below the fold:
Commencing at 12:00pm on Sunday, 28 May 2017, a police contingent escorts the first tranche of Rolling Thunder Freedom Demonstration riders as they begin their ride from the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, across Memorial Bridge spanning the Potomac River and head past the Lincoln Memorial and onto Constitution Avenue.
Secretary of State T-Rex comes rolling through at 1:53 of this video:
FROM YESTERDAY – OK, this is just buckets of all American awesome. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson rides with Rolling Thunder in Washington DC to celebrate Memorial Day and salute our armed forces.
We knew T-Rex was awesome, but who knew T-Rex was Rolling Thunder level awesome?

Compare and Contrast:

President Trump Secretary of State

President Obama Secretary of State

Any Questions?


Secretary Rex Tillerson 2017 ~ Secretary John Kerry 2014

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