Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How open borders helps MS 13

MS-13 vixen gets 40 years for luring victim into fatal ambush

A woman who promised sex with a man to lure him to a park in Maryland where he was fatally stabbed 153 times by MS-13 gang members has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.
Vanesa Alvarado, 20, received the maximum sentence based on an earlier plea agreement in the brutal June 2016 murder of Cristian Antonio Villagran-Morales in Malcolm King Park in Gaithersburg.
“This was a terrible, terrible case,” Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Anne Albright said, according to the Washington Post.
Alvarado — who pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder — told the 18-year-old victim she wanted to have sex, but prosecutors said she instead led him to waiting MS-13 gang members who thought Villagran-Morales was part of a rival gang.
After setting up the ambush, according to court records and prosecutors, Alvarado began laughing and encouraging the attack.
“Even after the murder, Ms. Alvarado showed so little regard for the life of her victim that she came back to the crime scene to show her friends the gang’s handiwork,” Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Hill wrote in court records.
It’s unclear how Alvarado got involved with the MS-13 gang, which is known for recruiting members from immigrants who cross the border illegally.
“I think the evidence would be that they used her to get to this person,” attorney Timothy Clarke said in court, according to the Washington Post.
Villagran-Morales, born in Guatemala near the Honduran border, moved to Maryland in April 2016 after previously crossing the southern US border like his parents, who originally left him behind to care for his grandmother. Relatives believe he met Alvarado at a store near his landscaping job and then ran into three other teens who asked him if he was in a gang, according to prosecutors.
One of the suspects later told police that Villagran-Morales said he was affiliated with a gang but wouldn’t specify which one.
“Why he said that, we don’t know,” Hill said in court Tuesday. “He was 18 — maybe he wanted to look cool in front of the other individuals. But he said he was. He was never a member of any gang.”
Four others have been charged in the killing. Juan Gutierrez-Vasquez, who was 16 at the time and has been charged as an adult, pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing. Charges against Oscar Delgado-Perez in the attack were dropped, although he has pleaded guilty to immigration violations, according to the Washington Post.
Trials are pending for two other suspects, Josue Fermin Caudra-Quintanilla and Jose Coreas-Ventura.

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