Monday, May 22, 2017

Video of Times Square attack by auto...does the look like a drunk driver.

Security camera video montage raises questions in deadly Times Square crash

During Saturday morning’s episode of “Pure Opelka,” host Mike Opelka asked the radio audience to weigh in on a budding controversy swirling around Thursday’s deadly car crash in New York City’s Times Square.
Initial media reports have ruled out “terrorism” in the deadly crash. However, questions have been raised about the explanation/motive attached to the crash.
Opelka referenced a video sent to him by “one of the smartest people I know,” he said. The clip is a video compilation stitched together from security cameras gathered from buildings in Times Square.
After posting a forty-five second excerpt from the full video, Opelka asked his audience and Twitterfollowers, “Well, is there anything to the speculation about the Times Square crash?”
Watch the short clip. (Content warning: graphic and violent images)
Local NYC newspapers and mainstream media reports have claimed Richard Rojas, the suspect in the crash, is a man with two previous DUI convictions and might have been hoping to be killed by police.
Rojas has been charged with murder in addition to other charges. An NYPD traffic agent said Rojas stated “I wanted to kill them all,” after he was arrested at the scene.

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