Friday, June 19, 2020

It is evident now that there is a pro Iran wing in the Democrat Party

'It elevates my suspicion that there is something at a higher level that was happening ... to stop a president,' Walid Phares says in interview with Just the News.

For more than two years now, Walid Phares has kept a secret. The national security expert favored by many conservatives was interviewed and investigated in the Russia collusion probe, mostly for an issue unrelated to Moscow. It was Egypt, actually.
The allegation — like many in the Russia case —, turned out to be spurious, and Phares was never charged with wrongdoing by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.
Now, Phares is speaking out for the first time, suggesting that one of the motives of those who made the allegations and sustained the investigation was to hamper the early Trump presidency’s foreign policy goals, including the 45th president’s long-promised plan to cancel the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal.

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