Thursday, June 18, 2020

What a snake pit!

President Trump's political opponents have once again joined forces with the mainstream American press to "leak" passages from a book penned by former NSA John Bolton as the White House battled to prevent its release, then play up the most salacious claims from the 550+ page tome.
As both sides struggle to propagate their own conflicting narratives, Bolton's reputation as a fanatical neocon and one of the most disliked, and distrusted figures in the GOP political firmament - GWB couldn't get the man through a senate confirmation when he tried to appoint him ambassador to the UN, and reporters claimed that Bolton was quickly sidelined after joining the administration - is coming back to bite him.
And as oppo researchers dig through a lifetime of cable television appearances and other public comments, they're already finding a wealth of comments where Bolton claimed that he wouldn't hesitate to lie to protect America's national security interests, even in one case citing a famous Churchill (racist) quote claiming truth must if necessary be protected by lies.

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