Thursday, December 31, 2009

The danger of touchy-feely war

Now that Nigerian Omar Abdulmutallab is in police custody and lawyered up, what kind of information are you going to get out of him? None, to be exact. In fact, he will wind up providing more information to his handlers then we will get from him as his lawyer will use ever trick possible to get him the lightest sentence possible. Now I'm not against lawyers doing what they can to protect their clients, it's they way the system works. But, these rights are for civilians in civilian crimes. The pantie bomber is not a civilian but an enemy combatant and should be treated accordingly. We need to know what he knows not just try him for the obvious crime.
One of the reasons we're having so much trouble dealing with the Islamists and other anti west terrorists is we no longer distinguish between uniformed combatants and those who hide their activities by dressing in civilian clothes. That's why the Geneva Convention made the distinction very clear. If we don't start treating un-uniformed combatants like we do the uniformed enemies we will never get a handle on this war.
Let's be clear Islamists are the most imperial movement we have seen in 60 years. They want to rule your life. The goal is worldwide domination and nothing less. They are not interested in living in harmony with you. They want to dominate you.

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