Friday, December 25, 2009

Mmmm, Cheese

A little break from politics for the holiday. This is expanded from a comment I left at Maggie's Farm.

I love cheese. Truth be told I love almost all food and it shows. But cheese is a particular favorite.

I usually buy my cheese at Murray's at Grand Central Terminal in NYC on my way home, but IGourmet has a very good selection, especially of American artisinal cheeses and now offer a deal like Amazon where you can become a member for an annual fee and receive reduced shipping. They are here:

If you don't regularly pass through Grand Central in NYC you can also order cheese from Murray's here:

And I also frequently order from Ideal Cheese whose shop I frequented when I lived in NYC:

I love all cheeses, blue cheese is great for breakfast on a lightly toasted garlic bagel.

Some of my favorites:

Epoisses - a very stinky cheese when it warms up to room temp, but with a delicate nutty flavor that is nothing like the smell. Delicious. By all means eat the rind.

Aged Gouda - 3 yrs or better yet 5 yrs. It's amazing how the ubiquitous and undistinguished gouda, available in its red wax coating everywhere becomes deep and complex when it's aged. Crumbly and superb.

Grana Padano - Like parmesan on steroids. Hard crumbly. Great with fruit or a pastry.
Cabrales - Probably my favorite blue, from Spain, made with a combination of cow, sheep and goat milk. Not as sharp as some other blues.

Humbold Fog - A great American goat cheese.

Brillat Savarin - A triple cream, like butta.

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