Friday, January 1, 2016

Bill and Hillary's trashing of the WH in 2001 as reported by the GAO. Do you want these kleptomaniacs back in the WH?

Many 2016 Voters Don’t Know Team Clinton Trashed The White House In 2001 – Here’s the GAO Report…

People who are wondering why Donald Trump might be referencing some historical Clinton issues, might do well to refresh their memory on how vengeful Clinton staffers trashed the White House when Vice-President Al Gore lost to George W Bush in 2000.
President Obama, Officials Attend 9/11 Memorial Museum Opening Ceremony
When considering how the office of the presidency is regarded by the Clintons, a new generation of voters may not know about Team Clinton: writing vulgar messages on the White House office walls, destroying furniture, slicing chair cushions, ripping phones out of walls, removing the historical door knobs, stealing items, switching around the fax machines, gluing desk drawers closed, carving into desk tops, removing the “w” key from all the computer keyboards, and much worse.
Here’s the 200+ page General Accounting Office (GAO) report:

Follow link in headline for document.

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