Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How the left encourages violence by its anti white rhetoric...

Man says he slashed woman because she’s white

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Gregory AlfredPhoto: 
A man who was arrested for randomly slashing a woman’s neck earlier this month in Brooklyn told police he attacked her because she is white, police sources said.
Gregory Alfred, 25, told police he set out to find white people to slice back on Mar. 10 because he blamed them and “the system” for preventing him from freely smoking weed, sources said.
The slasher chose to take out his anger on 53-year-old Janina Popko, and cut her across the neck as she was walking near the corner of Beverly and Rugby roads that morning in Ditmas Park.
Alfred discarded a large kitchen knife, black plastic bag and an American flag bandanna after the attack. Cops were able to lift fingerprints from the items, the sources said.
The assailant was taken into custody in Sayreville, NJ over the weekend for an unrelated crime before the NYPD eventually tracked him down and questioned him about the Brooklyn attack.
Alfred is expected to be brought to New York where he will be charged for the Brooklyn slashing.

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