Friday, October 14, 2016

The creepy man in the red sweater at the last debate is something other then advertised..

Ken Bone is actually kind of an awful guy

America’s debate sweetheart may be a bit bad to the Bone.
Ken Bone, the purportedly lovable mustachioed man in the red zip sweater who took the internet by storm at the second presidential debate, revealed himself this week to be far more crass than his legion of fans could have ever imagined.
Bone, 34, inadvertently lifted the veil on his squeaky clean image on Thursday during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.
During the online chat, Bone used the same alias — StanGibson18 — that he has used in the past to post cringe-worthy comments, according to a report.
About three months ago, that alias channeled his inner Donald Trump when he chimed in on hacked photos of a naked Jennifer Lawrence, the Daily Beast reported.
“Maybe she should have been more careful with her pics, but the bad guys are still the ones who sought them out and looked at them. By which I mean guys like me. I saw her butt hole. I liked it.”
That same alias participated in some fringe forums, including “PreggoPorn” — about pregnant women in swimsuits — whom he referred to as “beautiful human submarines,” the site found.
That user even admitted to committing “felony insurance fraud” when he wrote that he forged documents “to make it look like I had car insurance so I wouldn’t get fired from my pizza delivery job.”
And StanGibson18 recently suggested that the killing of unarmed black teen Trayvon Martin was justified.
“It doesn’t have to be a one or the other view here. From what I read about the case the shooting of Trayvon Martin was justified,” he wrote.
He did note that George Zimmerman, who was acquitted on the basis of Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, was a “big ole s—t bird.”
“Bad guy legally kills kid in self defense,” he wrote. “Sucks for everybody, including us due to media f—kery.”
During this week’s AMA session, Bone revealed that he doesn’t change his clothes often, blamed cheeseburgers for his physique and said he sleeps in the buff.
Reddit users quickly had some bones to pick.
“Sup with the insurance fraud and porn comments bro?,” @uknomecarlos wondered.

“You’ve changed, man!!! I liked Old Ken Bone, when he was just a dude in a red sweater…,” @soundofsceicne2 said.

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