Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A General Accounting of Obama's Legacy

From Gunslinger:

A sample:

For a little over 8 years, after 9/11/01 until Fort Hood on 11/5/09, there were no successful Islamic terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. All of the following Islamic terrorist attacks occurred on U.S. soil after Obama took office: Fort Hood, Chattanooga, Little Rock, the Boston Marathon, San Bernardino, Orlando; the Sept. 2014 stabbings and decapitation murder in Moore, Oklahoma; the little-known terror attack in Garland, Texas on 5/3/15; the 9/17/16 bombings in New Jersey and NYC; 9/17/16 stabbings at Minnesota mall; the 5 murders in a Macy's north of Seattle on 9/23/16; the 11/28/16 car attack, stabbings at Ohio State University; the 5 murders on 1/6/17 at Fort Lauderdale airport.

Obama said climate change, not terrorism, is the greatest future threat to the world.

Vetoed the bill allowing the families of 9/11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government. Obama's veto was overridden by Congress -- the 1st congressional override during his presidency.

Issued an executive order giving the president additional power to declare Martial Law during peacetime.

In August of 2012, said Syria will have "crossed a red line" if they use chemical weapons, and warned of "enormous consequences." In August of 2013, Syrian President al-Assad allegedly DID end up using chemical weapons against his own people (sarin gas was used to kill more than 1,400 civilians). Obama did nothing.

Refusing to call our mortal enemy by its name (won't say "radical Islamic terrorism").

Calling Major Nidal Hassan's Islamic terrorist attack at Fort Hood "workplace violence."

Victims of the 11/5/09 Fort Hood Islamic terrorist attack had to lobby for more than 5 years to receive Purple Hearts and government benefits.

Letting in a record number of "refugees." Despite ISIS vowing to infiltrate, at least 15,479 Syrian refugees have already arrived (99% of which are Muslims), wants to import at least 110,000 more refugees in the fiscal year 2017, 20,075 more from Syria.

42,611 Somali refugees resettled into U.S. during Obama's first 7 years in office. 99% Muslim.

No vetting of refugees for extremist views.

Kept vetting details of Syrian refugees "classified."

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