Saturday, January 28, 2017

Illegal immigration is a big government funded business for charitable organizations, especially religious groups.

Tucker Carlson Discusses Trump Refugee Executive Order With Advocate Kevin Appleby…

Kevin Appleby is a well known pro-refugee advocate from The Center for Migration Studies; essentially an advocate and lobbying group for the business end of refugee resettlement.
Most CTH readers are familiar with Baptist Child and Family Services (BCFS) and/or Catholic Charities, both groups gain hundreds of millions of taxpayer funds for their various refugee programs. “Hundreds of millions”. This is big business.
Tucker challenges Appleby on his expressed narrative, and by doing the well designed questioning approach – well, Appleby’s argument just collapsed. Watch:
This (also see below for data), is one of those areas where Rex Tillerson can have a massive common sense impact as *Secretary of State.
*NOTE* CTH is prudently deferring any additional research and discussion threads on the U.S. Department of State until after the Tillerson confirmation vote.
BCFS 2014

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