Thursday, June 30, 2016

A story of left wing fascism that is being ignored. They feel entitled to violence if you don't share their beliefs. I think it's time for "By all means necessary" becomes a two way street. BTW this organizer woman is a Berkeley middle school teacher.

These leftist loons came to fight and nothing else. 

Yvette Felarca incites Riot & Battery: Arrest Likely

Yvette Felarca, a middle school teacher and organizer for BAMN (By All Means Necessary), promised to use “militant direct action” to send the nationalist protesters “scurring for their cars.” It looks like she and her conspiracy of rioters kept good on that promise. Video captured at least two incidents where Felarca used illegal violence on protesters.
The following images come from a video shot by nauiocelotl.
Felarca used her bodyweight to push the protester into the mob and away from the police.
Once the protester was pulled closer to the mob, Felarca punched him a few times. He raised his arms to show the police he was not the aggressor.
The protester raised his arms high to show the police and the mob that he was not the aggressor. Felarca continued to batter him.
The protester again attempted to retreat to the police, but Felarca and another counter-protester held his backpack until a larger mob arrived.
The protester was repeatedly kicked while Felarca blocked another police officer’s access. Felarca was pushed out of the way by a couple officers who resuced the protester from her mob.
Felarca was removed from the scene while she appears to have a big smile. Perhaps the smile of “I got away with it?”
A second video captured another wave of violence.
Felarca led the assault against a group of protesters “scurrying for their cars.” She was carrying a flagpole.
Felarca (top right) appears to jab the protester with the flagpole while he continued to retreat.
The protester managed to remove the flagpole from Felarca, so Felarca retreated back to her mob.
Felarca appears enthused while covered in blood. It is not apparent if this or an earlier incident caused her injury.
Possible Charges
Felarca may be charged with inciting to riot, conspiracy to riot, disturbing the peace, assault, and battery. She may also have civil liability from injured protesters and counter-protesters who did not intend to be in a riot.
If she is not prosecuted, those who believe in violent political action will become more emboldened and tit for tat violence will increase.
Prosecution Under California Law
California Rioting Laws: Penal Code 404 & 405 PC
Disturbing the Peace: California Penal Code 415 PC
Prosecution Under Federal Law
News Update
  1. Cate Cauguiran (June 29, 2016). “Berkeley Teacher On Video Punching Neo-Nazi Supporter At State Capitol Rally”. CBS SF Bay Area. Retrieved June 30, 2016. “Police and the California Highway Patrol are still investigating the incident.”

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